What is “Vision”, and why is it important?

Devaki Nandana Vardhineedi
1 min readDec 17, 2022


Have you heard of the word “Vision 2020”?

This has been the millennial thing for everyone in the 2000s!

Why do most educational institutions/corporate companies have their vision statement?

Let’s start with the definition of vision; it’s not just the mere ability to see things but the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom. It is synchronous with the creativity of a human being.

In simple words, you have two paths while doing any work. In the first path, you can put your energy and efforts into a task given by your manager, knowing the vision of the work and the organisation, whereas, in the second path, you do the job allotted to you.

Path-I gives you the ability to make decisions for life. You will enjoy performing the task if you are aligned with the vision and vice-versa. In path II, your life will be monotonous and aimless, just performing the tasks allotted. This neither gives joy nor sorrow. A person with well-steered emotions in path-I, who can make decisions for self and others, becomes a visionary!

Be a visionary of your life and lead your life with all success, beauty and happiness.