The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!

Devaki Nandana Vardhineedi
2 min readJun 24, 2023


~ Message for Alankar ’22, the annual magazine of IIT Kharagpur

We again find ourselves bidding adieu to another batch of the KGP family. Time has passed, dreams have doubled, and the spirit remains unbroken.

The journey at IIT Kharagpur has been overwhelming. Today, we look back and retrospect on the good and the bad. Today, we pause, just for a little while, and let the feeling sink in. Goodbyes are never easy. Every memory will be cherished, and every experience nurtured. The blues and hues
spread during the final semester of the batch of 2022 have been crucial in restoring the vibe of KGP — the competitive spirit of General Championship and Inter-IIT events, the upbeat mood of the offline fests, and elections, the feeling of belongingness even while being away from our homes. After the pandemic robbed us of precious moments of our college life, the offline semester enabled the graduating batch to experience “the season of lasts” in its true sense.

I extend my humble gratitude to all student representatives, COVID volunteers, and every KGPian because of whom we stood strong together and united, during the challenging COVID times. Nothing has been an obstacle to us, with the KGPians standing for each other, with the spirit instilled at this place.

Here’s to the graduating batch of 2022: you made it through! May you continue humming the tunes of success. I wholeheartedly wish you the very best for all the adventure, challenges and success awaiting in the next walks of your life!

Devaki Nandana V V,
Vice-President, TSG.