Boost your Consulting CV!

Devaki Nandana Vardhineedi
4 min readJul 6, 2023


Here are a few last minute checks that you need to keep in mind to enhance your Consult CV!

1. The popular Top-bottom and Left-Right approach:

Consider prioritizing the content on your CV by placing the most relevant and important points at the top. Beginning a line with an action verb and highlighting the impact in the first half of the sentence will significantly increase your chances of catching the recruiter’s attention.

Additionally, feel free to rearrange the sections of your CV according to your profile. If your entrepreneurial experience is a standout aspect, you may place it at the top, while others may opt for internships or projects.

2. Content:

Maintain a consistent font style across your entire CV.

For headings: If you have completed an internship or project at a prestigious firm or university, format it as “Firm/University | Profile | Location”. In the case of a research internship, you may also include the professor’s name. If you have taken up a crucial PoR in any organization, format it as “Position | Organization | Location”. Maintain the uniformity in the format within a section. Ensure that the heading remains concise and focused.

If you choose to mention your project title on a separate line, it is preferable to use italic font.

Ensure that your CV is free from any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes and try to fill every line to more than 70%. Lines which are filled to less than 70% don’t tend to leave a good impression. Reserve the use of bold and capital letters only for necessary instances, such as highlighting numbers, percentages, standings (e.g., Gold/Silver/Bronze), and positions (e.g., 1st/2nd/3rd). Overusing bold or capital letters can detract from emphasizing important points.

Avoid ending lines with a full stop. In some instances, you may use a semicolon to distinguish between two sentences within the same line; in such instances, there is no need to capitalize the letter following the semicolon. Pay attention to other common errors, such as omitting a space after a comma or incorrect usage of apostrophes.

3. Consistency:

Regarding format: Strive for uniformity in your CV format. If you write September 2023 as Sep ‘23, apply the same format to all other dates. Likewise, maintain consistency throughout if you prefer using ‘&’ instead of ‘and’. This principle also applies to numbers, including the number of decimal places used, the terminology used for currency representation, and so on. I have highlighted some common points I have observed in CVs, but perform a thorough consistency check for your CV.

Regarding profile: Strive for a well-rounded profile highlighting your diverse experiences, skills, and achievements. Showcase your corporate or research exposure and accomplishments in social and cultural activities, sports and games, technology, innovation, and successful participation in competitions or challenges. Your CV should convey the compelling story and the consistency you have maintained throughout your journey. Focus on portraying only the pertinent and impactful achievements that distinguish you. Avoid including irrelevant details that could distract attention from the key points you want to emphasize.

4. Clarity and Comprehensibility:

Minimize excessive abbreviations and acronyms in your CV, as recruiters unfamiliar with KGP’s context may need help understanding. Consider having a family member or friend from a different college proof-read your CV to ensure clarity and effectiveness. Their fresh perspective can help identify any areas that may need improvement.

5. Impact:

When describing your experiences, prioritize showcasing the value you brought to the firm, project, organization, or society through active participation. Instead of delving into lengthy explanations of your tasks, emphasize the outcomes and impact achieved due to your work. To strengthen the impact of your achievements, quantify them whenever possible by using specific metrics, numbers, or percentages.

6. Photograph:

Including a photograph in your CV is not mandatory. However, if you choose to include one, it is advisable to present a more professional impression by using a photograph where you are wearing a formal blue or white shirt.

Moreover, you need not adhere strictly to chronological order while presenting your accomplishments. Consider strategically placing high-impact points or noteworthy involvements at the top of your CV. Doing so ensures that your most significant contributions immediately catch the reader’s attention, leaving no important stone unturned in demonstrating the value you can bring to potential opportunities. This approach can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your CV and impress recruiters with the substance and significance of your past engagements.

All the best!